Western model has nothing to do with democracy and is based on the welfare guaranteed by semi-slave labor of the population «developing» countries

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Democracy in UK

I want to reflect on who and how to manages the modern world (us with you), and it is going to do, as always, with the rationale and without punditry, for which, as a rule, hides or lack of thought or elementary desire to confuse and instill the wrong idea about the subject.

It seems to me, the first question that we should ask: «What is the driving force of the modern world?» The question, in fact, for preschool age children (hence the right question) — the world as we are all perfectly understand, is ruled by money.

If you have money — you can build homes, factories; develop and implement new technologies, conduct investigations, create movements and parties, electe politicians and presidents, countries set a new course of development. There is no money — there is a crisis, impoverished masses fold researches in the sciences, the government and the political system is replaced, wars are starting.

So, who hold more money (or who controls them), decides in what reality we live who and how governs us. Then, more natural question arises: «And who has  the most money? Millionaires? Billionaires? Multimillionaires? Corporations? At trade networks?» And the answer to this question, with all its seemingly obvious — is not so clear and simple for many.

At the same time, is not obvious fact that a large proportion of ours and them someone else for more money is in the bank, and it is protected by law, and the law compels us to place money in a bank, so we have them for a long time and almost did notsee them, in the near future will not see at all? Yes them, for the most part no longer exists in its original green-rustling form. We buy products — computer transfers numbers from our account to the store, we sell an apartment, house, land, factory — virtual operator takes money from one account to another, but at the same time, they are still remain in the bank and do not have equivalent in coins and banknotes (which, I agree, not so important).

And it turns out that like the owners of the money we are, and dispose of them — (the owners) banks. Our salaries, proceeds shops, monetary assets of firms, organizations and even corporations — everything in the banks, 99 percent of the money for a long time already there. They fully own them and actively operate. With the money, which bought the policy, appoints the government, passes laws even more restorative the power of the banks and making it even more unshakeable.

The money is under full control of the banks, they are (a bunch of the most influential) independently determine the exchange rate, so that in some countries, where the an obedient government holds the «right course» on civilized happiness, currency rises in value and the standard of living is enhanced by other countries (which are either venture for some independence, or simply «unworthy»), where, by itself, the currency goes down in value, people are working two or three jobs, groaning and cursing the puppet government and dreaming about «European happiness» that they provide, without understanding.

Here, incidentally, is one of the proofs that Putin’s junta sponsored and supervised by the same bankers. If Putin was separate and independent, the ruble would become perhaps the most strong currencybecause provided by gas, oil, and other supplies. But the US dollar, on the contrary, would be appreciated only by the weight of the paper is made as long ago provided with nothing.

And when bankers decides to make a crisis to sell the country or continent, they simply withdraw the money from the market (read about the crisis of 2001 in Argentina, I advise you to see the documentary «The take»), take out cash brake banking operations, cease to issue credit, bankrupt dependent (and there are others?) banks.

Of course, the economics with a lack of currency fade, one defaults superimposed on the other , the country is in crisis, people leaving their homeland and going to work where bankers let the money in circulation more generously in the form of a «stable» currency, the stability of which they themselves identified. Laborers are not cease to wonder why it is when the country is in crysis , it is imperative to work in some other country, making goods in a foreign land.

Homeowners are selling their property, letting the money in circulation, and their bankers are again removes them from the circulation, and so — as long as the country is not completely sold. Or is the people, as in Greece, did not take to the streets with weapons in the hands of the proletariat, the bawlers bought by bankers will make hoarse sounds of tv about that, what the Greeks arrogant and lazy.

Bankers-rulers cleverly manipulating the consciousness of the masses, they inspire to the people of the countries which are not «come down yet its development to Western models» that it is there, in the West, our happiness, and of the to the people of the most Western countries — that they have already achieved this happiness -That is the real freedom and democracy, now it is only to sharpen details grind minor irregularities, bringing life to the state of perfection (and there is quite a bit)

However, in practice we see here just another confirmation that any totalitarianism inevitably leads to the degradation and decay.

You know what never ceases to amaze me in England? The two are closely related to each other things: it is full of all sorts of servants-clerks, are downright masse create a semblance of labor and general surprisingly low qualification. That is, useful work here is done only by working to ensure the successful functioning of the infrastructure, and among them also many professionals (the vast majority of them — immigrants).

The remaining 90% of the working population as it does not bring any benefit to society, and even more likely, on the contrary, cause harm, so they would be better not worked. Instructors of Sport with flabby stomach obscure notion of sport; City Hall officials who can not write competently; lawyers do not know anything about law; English teachers (English!), slightly familiar with English grammar — is what is the very middle class, which we did the lack of trust which is so lament!

God save us from such a middle class. All their activity is the ability to wear a suit, utter stupidity with authoritative views and detail fill in forms. Forms are filled here always and everywhere: at the bank, at the store, at school, at the doctor’s. The form teacher of doctor-lawyer-detail makes all your data, which takes no less than 30 minutes, after which you solemnly prescribed aspirin (paragraph legal advice cosmic stupidity) and the more you have no interest, if you do not pay the money. If you pay — you prescribe analginum (another paragraph, a new article) and so on and so forth.

Of the 30 «social organizations», which I somehow contacted all 30 appeared sponsored by the state. And who pays, as they say, orders the music. Of course, a public interest there is no one dreams, and when you go there to handle, the first thing the clerk pulls out 50-page form, and begins boring ask questions about who you are, where he was born, what color your skin and so proudly swarming calling it — «did their best.»

In general, I mean that the Western model has nothing to do with democracy and is based on the well-being guaranteed by semi-slave labor of the population «developing» countries (developing them, of course, destined to the West) and is accompanied by the degradation of its own population, which quickly degenerates, losing the desire and ability to work, to do something useful for society, and finding the purpose of life only in consumption. These individuals manipulated quite easily because they «nothing exciting, but money …»

As one friend said to me in the early days of my stay in England: «The people here have no conscience.» These words struck me at the time and caused a great distrust, and now I understand him/ whi, lived here for almost 20 years, I understandbecause I see with my own eyes what he was saying. And the problem is not actually in people born here — they are the same as everywhere else; the problem is that the parasites need to corrupt, to control.

We should clearly understand that the tale of the Western happiness — it’s not even an empty candy wrapper, and a dangerous mousetrap with painted cheese inside . In fact, the planet is braided by bank parasite and we need to wake up. Otherwise, asleep in the Matrix today, tomorrow we will inevitably wake up in the Kin-Dza-Dza.

- Andrew Hadyka, London.

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