Unknown Henry Ford: christian, nationalist, anticommunist, monarchist, supporter and sponsor of Hitler

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Speaking about the development of American capitalism and entrepreneurship, rarely manage to bypass the figure of the famous engineer and industrialist Henry Ford. The person who has created a huge financial and industrial empire, and has given to the world a simple, reliable, and most importantly affordable for everyone — car, and who has taken bravely withstand to the most powerful famous members of the American establishment’s from Wall Street. At the same time, genuinely involved for the health national state, where «the merchant and commercial people» is the foundation of the nation, not its enemy.

On the political heritage of this truly great man in modern rarely remembered. Henry Ford, as a person, as a man who influenced on the attitudes of millions of people around the world turned out to be forgotten and relegated his own inventions — open in 1910, modern factory in the «Highland Park», which was first launched an assembly line and built the famous Ford Model T . Not many people know that this came from a poor family of Irish immigrants, having become acquainted with the global financial world, once said: «If you withdraw money from the 50 richest Jewish families, all the wars and revolutions will end.»

Influence of Henry Ford to world public opinion the early twentieth century was enormous. Bought out in 1918 by the newspaper «The Dearborn Independent», He took a serious fight with the Jewish lobby in the US, convicting the secrets of the Jewish Mafia and its machinations. In a short time, by his financial support was printed the famous «Protocols of the Elders of Zion», at present banned in the Russian Federation, and the newspaper printed relentlessly stinging anti-Semitic articles. Circulations of newspapers and books printed on the money Ford diverged massively getting into Europe and to Asia. At the end of 1920, a selection of articles from the «Dearborn Independent» in the writing of which took part Henry Ford, was published as a book entitled «The International Jew.» In it well-known businessman criticized the Bolshevism and the socialist revolution, pointing out in particular:

кавычки3The Bolshevik government, in the form as it was in the late summer of 1920, and according to the reports received by our authorities from Russia smuggled, represented a complete domination of Jewry. To show the ratio, we will give a few examples. It should not be in this case to think that members of the government who are not Jews are Russian. Only the small number of Russian, at present, have a voice in the affairs of their country. The so-called «dictatorship of the proletariat», in which the proletariat has no voice is Russian only insofar as it is formed in Russia. It can not be considered Russian in the true sense, not because it came not from the Russian people, and not for him exist. Bolshevism is an international program of the Protocols, to be implemented in each country by minorities; Russian action is just a dress rehearsal …

It is not surprising that the work of the American businessman is actually formed the basis for the program of the National Socialists in Germany. NSDAP at the stage of its development received a serious financial support from the industrialist. As witnesses pointed out, Henry Ford’s portrait hung in Hitler’s Munich Residence, and the businessman was the only American to whom Hitler admiringly mentioned in his book «Mein Kampf». Annette Enton from the «Detroit News» who took Adolf Hitler an interview in 1931, pointed to the portrait above his head, and received a brief but striking answer: «I consider Henry Ford as my inspiration.»

Neither World War II, and the involvement of the United States, could not get Ford to break off relations with Germany. For example, since 1940 the Ford factory, located in Poissy — in German-occupied territory of France began producing aircraft engines, trucks and cars, have been reported in the Wehrmacht. During the interrogation in 1946 Nazi activist Carl Krauch, who worked during the war in the leadership of the branch of a company Ford in Germany, announced that thanks to  Ford has collaborated with the Nazi regime, «his companies were not confiscated.»

A favorite of many modern democrats and liberals was not only a Christian, an opponent of Zionism and Talmudism, but a monarchist. Not many people know that Henry Ford, born in a free and tolerant America until his death continued to defend the nation-building based on traditional Christian values, where the crown of all, in his opinion, was not the power of unbridled and vicious crowd, but sent by God Monarch. The real American (and one of the most famous citizens of the USA), Henry Ford, on occasion, has always maintained that «the monarchy is the best system known to humanity.»

As a result of its activities, Henry Ford was able to form a tight circle of enemies around himself , who tried to destroy him and constantly exerted moral pressure on him. Several times in his life businessman apologized «to the Jewish people,» while continuing to stubbornly doing what what he did before — smashing hateful «conspiracy.» Under pressure from the US government, he was forced to sell some property and build a factory for the USSR, where by the way, during the Vietnam War, makes the technique for the red guerrillas, brutally murdered American soldiers. And yet, thanks to its activities the whole world knew about the «Protocols» and the shadow side of the American financial world. We can only regret that the present was not able to give the world a new Henry Ford — a fighter for the truth and at the same time the creator of technological progress.

Original: Великий Генри Форд, о котором мы не знали: христианин, монархист, антикоммунист и враг еврейской международной преступности

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