The Teutonic Order and The Baltic Vanguard of the Russian Resistance: about the new crusade against Bolshevism

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BARS The Baltic Vanguard of the Russian Resistance Koenigsberg

It is known that the main goal of our organization since its appearance is all-round assistance to the process churching Russian people inhabiting the region Koenigsberg — part of East Prussia,which was cut off from the German Empire in favor of the atheist Soviet Union in the defeat of the Germans in World War II. Joining local people to the Christian culture, the revival in the hearts of people the religious ideal of holiness and true faith in Christ the Saviour. This is the key to the political welfare of the people. In this sacred struggle for the souls of people all the members of The Baltic Vanguard of the Russian Resistance (B.A.R.S.) must be true to the teachings of the Church in life, to profess the Christian faith without hypocrisy. All that unites our association with the Teutonic Order — the spiritual and chivalric organization, which was established at the end of the XII century, whose task is the protection of the German knights, treatment of patients, the struggle against the enemies of the Roman Church. But there is an important difference to our organization by The Teutonic Order. The most important of these differences — our belonging to the Holy Orthodox Church, which is expressed in the inviolability of dogmas approved by the Seven Ecumenical Councils and the confession in the initial integrity of Christian teachings as it professed by the Apostles and the Holy Fathers before the Great Schism in 1054.

But, like the knights of the Teutonic Order, we, along with the belief in the omnipotence of God, rely on the force of arms, because to each his own: the priest — a prayer, the peasant — a plow, a warrior — a sword. Just like the Teutons, we are fighting against the government of this world lies in evil, the triumph of the Christian faith. Like the German knights, we stand in the minority against the gray mass of godless heathen, saying the ancient prayer on their lips: «God is with us, see it and conquer us. Becouse the God is with us».

Interestingly, that the decision of the Polish Prince Konrad I Mazowiecki to invite the Teutonic Knights to Prussia to fight with the Gentiles, carried out repeated raids into the land of Christians, influenced by his wife — Russian Princess Agatha Svyatoslavovna, granddaughter of the famous Prince Igor’s, the protagonist of «The Tale of Igor».

Precisely in this we are 800 years later, we see a special Divine Providence, which, through the Orthodox Faith Russian princess sent Christian soldiers on the Prussians. These solders were spreading the light of the Gospel in the harsh edge, and in a greater degree not by force of arms, but by an example of personal piety. Due to the active involvement of the pagan Prussian nobility with their retinues in constant wars on the side of the Order, together with strong religious agitation in order sash, many of these Prussian soldiers were baptized. Then became an example for the other members of the Prussian tribes.

This is so similar to tactics of our organization, in public actions involving voluntary supporters B.A.R.S. from among the Gentiles who share our irreconcilability to the enemies of Russia. Many of them, closely acquainted with our movement, with its ideology and program, leave the old misconceptions.

Глава Б.А.Р.С. Александр Оршулевич, Кёнигсберг, 2015 год.

Leader of The Baltic Vanguard of the Russian Resistance (BARS) Alexander Orshulevich.

Undoubtedly, the most significant difference of the Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St. Virgin Mary the German from us, Russian nationalists B.A.R.S., in organizational terms, were chivalrous vows of lifelong chastity, poverty and unquestioning obedience.

Lack of today not only such religious organizations the laity, but even just the major monasteries of the canonical Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA) with a strict charter lives, is the result of a general moral decline and impoverishment of the Russian people of faith. From an insignificant percentage of the faithful of the total population of the Russian Federation who consider themselves Orthodox, a majority prefers a surrogate pseudo-religious ideas of Soviet church The Moscow Patriarchate ROC resting on moral turpitude and unresist to the evil.

But we believe that everything still can be changed. After all, there is only one step from the abyss of the Soviet lies to national revival — the appeal of the Russian people to Christ. That this is our historic mission.

And in a sign of that we borrow colors of the Order knights, who fought on this land for the truth of Christ — black and silver (white) — the color of death and resurrection, aware that we are being involved in the great mission of the crusade against the godless in the name of Christianity.

Russian version: Тевтонский Орден и Балтийский Авангард Русского Сопротивления (Б.А.Р.С.): о новом Крестовом походе против большевизма

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