Russian mixed martial arts club in London under the auspices of BARS

In English, Акции, В мире, Лондон / 23 июня 2015 г.

London proponents of the Baltic Vanguard Russian Resistance (BARS.) announced the opening of Russian club MMA «BARS». The preparation of young men carries a candidate for master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling. Trainings are held three times a week in Russian. The club is open to all comers.

The Baltic Vanguard of the Russian Resistance (BARS.) has long ceased to be a regional organization, and more and more nationalists from different areas of the country and foreign cities refers to us as the only real political force of Russian nationalists, having specific policy objectives and program to achieve them.

Place of training: Open Door Friendship Centre, 304 Ladbroke Road, London W10 5NG (courtyard building). Phone: 074 0734 7336. Community on Facebook.

The public political activity, coupled with a systematic military and sports training — that’s the only effective work, justifying itself and bringing concrete results. Slowly but surely it penetrating in the consciousness of the masses thought of having to to revise their political existence, their own lives. And an example of healthy, strong, handsome, brave and bold in their faith Russian nationalists force people to follow a new political force, the ideal of which is Holy Russia.

No coincidence that BARS stands out from all the nationalist groups and organizations. Holy Light of the true teachings of Christ, belonging to the canonical Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA), the Lord’s blessing on the works of supporters of the organization — that’s our strength, that’s the reason of our achievements. Only with God we are strongonly, with God we will win.

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