Red Moscow’s European gambit: how the Russian Federation funded a «fifth column» in Europe

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Red Moscow’s European gambit

Over the past few years between the politics of the Russian Federation and some right-wing parties of the European Union established close and trusting relationship. A whole series of different «conservative» and radical forces in the search for financial and political support turned their attention aside the red Moscow in the hope of finding a strong ally. From the French «National Front» to the American racists, shareware right of the world lined up to get their «piece of cake» in exchange for political loyalty and willingness to play along in the global game of national-Bolsheviks of the Russian Federation.

For the first time cooperation between the Russian Federation and shareware right-wing forces in the EU became apparent the 2000s, when Comrade Putin playing the theatrical performance entitled «Russian national democracy» supported the creation of the Belgian «Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and elections», as well as the Polish «European Center for Geopolitical analysis. «

Since then, the Russian started active fund and sustain a «fifth column» in the EU. Especially because the main criteria of the selection to the «friends» of the Kremlin were unsightly requirements: to condemn and criticize any actions of the United States, to be anti-globalization, and Eurosceptic.

These criteria  best suited to the rights organizations devoid of precise religious basis, and therefore have not experienced torment «conscience» because of the links with a red partner. Moreover, the Russian Federation had successfully «glorify» Comrade Putin in the West as a strong and successful Russian national leader who is building a «strong democracy in Russian.»

Goals and desires of Kremlin government are clear: maintaining a «fifth column» inside the EU, Comrade Putin wants to weaken and break up a single European space. The actual destruction of the EU, that is, its division into separate warring states, will allow more effectively influence decisions inside each individual country, as well as shorten negotiations and simplify the corruption of these countries to extract own benefit. For several years, the Russian Federation is actively trying to weaken the transatlantic relations between the EU and the US, which could transform the Western world into a single powerful economic organism.

Yet in 2013, the world became aware of the possible signing of the US and the EU agreement on the transatlantic trade and investment partnership. The stated purpose of the agreement: the formation of a free trade area between Europe and the United States, as well as the creation of new workplaces, economic growth and international competitiveness. Also, according to European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht, the supply of US fuel instead of fuel from Russia, is a key condition for the agreement. In response to this news, all right and the left opposition of the EU in unanimous impulse, with «concern» Red Moscow, began to organize mass rallies and protests.

A different example of cooperation between the red Kremlin and its European «friends» is the participation of foreign «experts» in the referendum on the «connection» of the Crimea to the Russian Federation. The trip was organized by the above mentioned center «Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and elections».

In addition to right-wing parties from several European countries, in the Crimea appeared and left anti-fascists from Latvia and neo-Stalinists from Greece. Irreconcilable enemies of «fascists» at home, they «forget» about the ideological contradictions at the behest of the patron. Unification «irreconcilable» occurs every time the European Parliament vote on matters affecting the interests of the Russian Federation. So, for example, it showed during the voting on the agreement on the EU-Ukraine Association: 127 left and right members of the European Parliament voted against the adoption of this document.

It is therefore not surprising that at a forum organized recently by the party «Rodina» and «Russian national cultural center», arrived representatives more than a dozen foreign political organizations. They arrived, apparently, for in order to get new instructions, to express their support for the Putin regime, and to point out the threat the Russian Federation and Europe from the United States. At the same time, it was concluded that Washington must be fought together…

What is the bottom line? Already now the Russian Federation can be accused exactly in the fact which Russian Federation is so assiduously blames the US and EU — funding «fifth column». The law enforcement EU institutions should show perseverance and effort to expose «dubious parties.»

Russian original: Европейский гамбит красной Москвы: о том, как Российская Федерация финансирует «пятую колонну» в Европе

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