King Edward VIII: the hope of the British Empire

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King Edward VIII The hope of the british Empire

One of the most closed and little known in the Russian Federation questions of the Second World War, is the question of the relationship between the British Royal House and National-Socialistic Germany. It is rare to hear that in 1920-30, at the foggy Albion there was a real political struggle for the future of the country, where the representatives of the House of Windsor have played a significant role. In 1938, the British Empire was shaken by the news that the favorite of the people King Edward VIII abdicated, effectively burying the hope for change and renewal of the United Kingdom. The Board of this talented monarch, lasted only 10 months, from 20 January to 11 December 1936, and was associated with a serious political struggle inside the country. Renunciation was the finale of the struggle, after which followed the fall of the famous «British Union of Fascists», Oswald Mosley, and after — of the British Empire itself. Officially, the reason for denial was «great love». All radio and newspapers circled noble and beautiful words of the British King: «I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and duties of the king without the help and support of the woman I love».

Behind this beautiful and sentimental phrase the harsh reality was hiding: during his brief reign, the British king, relying on aristocrats, who was dedicated to the crown, he took a course to strengthen the dominion and the British power. Strictly speaking against interference in the internal affairs of Germany, he supported Mussolini’s aggression against Ethiopia. Monarch came into conflict with the government and the Parliament on all political matters. In government surroundings there were persistent rumors that the young Edward VIII conceives dissolve parliament or that he was an agent of Germany. The British public was not surprised that after the abdication of December 11, 1937 is already the ex king and his wife visited Nazi Germany and had a meeting with the German chancellor Adolf Hitler. Fuhrer promised to Edward that he will return the throne as soon as it becomes possible. Newspapers of that time discribed this visit in a very warm tones: «His Royal Highness is smiling and in Nazi salutes the crowd of people gathered under his windows near the hotel …»

Elizabeth 2

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh Phillip.

In 1920-30-ies in the royal family of Windsors ideas of National Socialism and fascism were supported for a lot. Exept King Edward VIII, a major supporter of them was still living Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh — Prince Charles’s father and husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Support for the NSDAP was natural for him as his sister, an aunt of Charles, Cecilia of Greek was a member of the NSDAP since 1937. Son of a second sister, Marguerite Greek and Danish, joined the Nazi Party in 1931, and her husband — in 1936. The third sister, Sophia of Greek and Danish, also married a member of the Nazi Party. Interesting, that marriage of Philip’s sister Sofia with Prince Christoph was received by Hitler as a first step to a possible alliance with the United Kingdom, under King Edward VIII rule. Prince Christoph of Hesse, a member of the National Socialist Party of Germany from 1933 to 1935 he was head of the Forschungsamt (Special Centre for Scientific Research), Colonel SS and Heinrich Himmler`s friend. Science Center studied the electronic methods of obtaining and processing information, both for military and civilian use, and provides a connection between the British royal house and the National-Socialistic Party of Germany. It is worth to say that Prince Christopher was special loyal to the ideas of National Socialism, as a result of it, the young couple named the eldest son Karl Adolf, in honor of Adolf Hitler.

With help of Germany and its secret channels Prince Philip made contact with the governments of Spain and Italy. November 20, 1995, «The Washington Times», based on the detected Portuguese secret service files for the first time published the information that the cooperation with the support of the Duke with help of Edward VIII, was of far from peaceful. There were hopes that thanks to the defeats, it will be able to get the support of some of the military in Britain and ignite the fire of popular protest that will destroy the government of Churchill and King George VI will be replaced by almoust deposed Edward VIII. The Portuguese data showed that in the preparation of operations in the late 1930s took part Walter Schellenberg, Head of the Foreign Intelligence Security Service of the Third Reich, who met with the Portuguese ambassador to Spain and brother of F. Franco to discuss the realization of the plan.

At this time in Portugal living former British Empire, King Edward VIII, who constantly gave various newspapers «defeatist» interviews, conducted an active correspondence with the German authorities and with all his actions emphasized the unacceptability of the official policy of the British government. All this eventually led to the fact that in August 1940, the couple was stolen by British investigation and military ship sent them to honorable exile on the Bahamas … It actually put an end of attempts to change the course of British history.

Hitler and VindzorIt should be noted that the activity involved Windsors and large financial interests. According to the British magazine «Private Eye», at the funeral of the above Cecilia of and her husband, who crashed when flying to London for the wedding of his brother, there was an unspoken meeting of all the major British supporters of National-Socialism, including major financial «sponsors». The largest and tacit support provided by Baron Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944. He was a close friend of the president of the German Central Bank H. Schacht. That Baron Norman played a key role in the transmission of stored gold of Czechoslovakia in Britain banks ещ Germans in March 1939. He also promised to give the house of Windsorы any financial support if necessary.

Anyway, connections of the British monarchy with national Germany, Italy and Spain were very close, and if not decisive actions of the Parliament, it is possible that today we would have seen a different Britain.

Russian version: Король Великобритании Эдуард VIII — союзник Рейхсканцлера Германии Адольфа Гитлера: царствование, отречение, эмиграция

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