One of the most closed and little known in the Russian Federation questions of the Second World War, is the question of the relationship between the British Royal House and National-Socialistic Germany. It is rare to hear that in 1920-30, at the foggy Albion there was a real political struggle for the future of the country, where the representatives of the House of Windsor have played a significant role. In 1938, the British Empire was shaken by the news that the favorite of the people King Edward VIII abdicated, effectively burying the hope for change and renewal of the United Kingdom. The Board of this talented monarch, lasted only 10 months, from 20 January to 11 December 1936, and was associated with a serious political struggle inside the country. Renunciation was the finale of the struggle, after which followed the fall of the famous «British Union of Fascists», Oswald Mosley, and after — of the British Empire itself. Officially, the reason for denial was «great love». All radio and newspapers circled noble and beautiful words of the British King: «I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and duties of the king without the help and support of the woman I love».