In the first days of January 2016 the official website of «European Action» (Europaische Aktion), the well-known international organization of nationalists of Europe (which, however, consists mainly of Germans), issued an appeal to supporters on behalf of the head of the organization Bernhard Schaub. Along with the traditional program theses about the criminal essence of democracy, about the need to restore the sovereignty of the European nations (opposition to NATO expansion), the repatriation of all non-European immigrants, etc., In a statement for the first time sounded condemnation of «Judeo-Christianity.»

Speaking about the development of American capitalism and entrepreneurship, rarely manage to bypass the figure of the famous engineer and industrialist Henry Ford. The person who has created a huge financial and industrial empire, and has given to the world a simple, reliable, and most importantly affordable for everyone — car, and who has taken bravely withstand to the most powerful famous members of the American establishment’s from Wall Street. At the same time, genuinely involved for the health national state, where «the merchant and commercial people» is the foundation of the nation, not its enemy.

As is known, Russian March this year met many obstacles from the authorities. The city administration, in order to justify its refusal to agree on the organization of our stated time and place of the action, referred to the planned mass actions in the fishing village during the day November 4th. Yesterday, the organizers of the Baltic Vanguard of the Russian Resistance (BARS) responded to the mayor’s office agreed to the proposal to postpone the start of the march at 17:00. At the same time, the procession route guidance BARS chose to leave unchanged — from the fishing village of the memorial to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Currently, we are discussing the possibility of the torch procession on the specified route, as proposed by the mayor’s office during the action November 4, 2015 coincides with the end of daylight hours. So, we are waiting for a response the Head of Administration of the city of Kaliningrad on our initiative.

At the same time, our German colleagues have decided to support our initiative. Baltic Vanguard of the Russian Resistance (BARS) has received Official Greeting from Ronald Wuttke, chairman of one of the organizations nationalists Germany. Below is the translation of this document and the original in German language:

Greetings to the participants of Russian March on November 4, 2015, in Konigsberg.

кавычки3Russian and Germans historically called to to rediscover their common origin. It is based on common descent, they can create the conditions in Europe today for the peaceful coexistence of peoples.

George Friedman (chief of Stratfor Institute, USA), said February 4, 2015 in Chicago: «The main interest of American foreign policy over the last century, in the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War was the relationship between Germany and Russia. Because, united together, they are the only force that can threatening us. Based on the above, our main task is to prevent this from happening. «

Friedman — is representative of the dark forces, which for over a hundred years initiates a wars between nations, and exclusively for their own benefit. But if we want peace, we must listen to the other people. So I want to quote Herbert Schweiger. Herbert Schweiger served in 1943, 19-year-old SS Untersturmfuhrer (lieutenant) in the Leib Guards Division «Adolf Hitler» on the eastern front. In 2008, three years prior to his death, he wrote in the journal «Volk in Bewegung (People on the move)»:

«The war on the Eastern Front was total, but despite all her persistence and ferocity, our attitude towards the Russian people — this hereby declare I — Warrior of the 1st SS Panzer Division — was absolutely correct, and in view of the overall situation, friendly. Perhaps we — the Germans and Russian — was already managed by instinctive premonition that we are waiting for another great opposition in the future, in which we will be useful to each other. According to the dictum of Alexander von Humboldt, «the former relationship ahead of awareness coming later.» Today, we know that Europe in the 21st century will have to fight for survival in a war of cultures and continents, the scale of which has not yet been in history. The Germans and the Russian is now so dependent upon each other, as far as freedom and the future of Europe depends primarily on the two strongest states of our continent. I am sure that Russian too, instinctively feel that their safety and the future can only be achieved with us, the Germans. The wisdom of the Russian people and the wisdom of the German people have a common origin. Characteristic features of the soul of the Russian people are similar and close to the German people, it can not be explained rationally. In any case, despite all the differences between our nations, present in us mutual sympathy, which far surpasses mere acknowledgment … If we succeed in our nation to prepare the psychological atmosphere of rapprochement with Russia, and then the Russian side will turn to us. Even if — and just so — we are now, as a national force in Germany are still in the zero position on the possession of political power. «In this sense, I applaud all the people in Russia, whose hearts are pounding in the hope of a peaceful Europe.

Ronald Wuttke, chairman of the German-Russian peace initiative of the European spirit.

*     *     *

Grußbotschaft für den Marsch am 4. November 2015 in Königsberg.

кавычки3Russen und Deutsche sind dazu aufgerufen, zu ihren gemeinsamen Quellen zurückzufinden. Aus diesen Quellen können sie dem heutigen Europa die Grundlage für eine friedliche Koexistenz der Völker schaffen.

George Friedman (Chef des US-Instituts Stratfor) sagte am 4.2.2015 in Chicago: „Das Hauptinteresse der US-Außenpolitik während des letzten Jahrhunderts, im 1. und im 2. Weltkrieg und im Kalten Krieg, waren die Beziehungen zwischen Deutschland und Rußland. Denn vereint sind sie die einzige Macht, die uns bedrohen kann. Als unser Hauptinteresse galt es sicherzustellen, daß dieser Fall nicht eintritt.“

Friedman ist ein Vertreter jener Mächte, die seit über 100 Jahren den Krieg zwischen die Völker tragen – nur wegen ihrer Profite. Wenn wir den Frieden wollen, müssen wir aber auf andere Menschen hören. Daher möchte ich Herbert Schweiger zitieren. Herbert Schweiger war 1943 als 19-jähriger SS-Untersturmführer (Leutnant) bei der Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler an der Ostfront. 2008, drei Jahre vor seinem Tod, schrieb er in „Volk in Bewegung“:

„Der Krieg an der Ostfront war ein to­taler; aber trotz aller Härten und Grau­samkeiten war unser Verhältnis zum russischen Volk – und das sage ich als Angehöriger der 1. SS-Pz.-Division – ein völlig korrektes, ja unter diesen Ver­hältnissen ein freundliches.

Vielleicht hatten wir damals schon, Deutsche wie Russen, eine instinktive Vorahnung, daß uns einmal eine noch größere Auseinandersetzung bevorsteht, wo wir einander brauchen werden. Nach Alexander von Humboldt „geht ein frü­hes Ahnen dem späteren Wissen voraus.“ Heute wissen wir, daß Europa im 21. Jahrhundert um sein nacktes Überleben wird kämpfen müssen, in einem Kampf der Kulturen und Kontinente, den es in dieser Dimension noch nicht gegeben hat. Deutsche und Russen sind heute aufeinander angewiesen, so wie die Frei­heit und die Zukunft Europas vor allem von den beiden stärksten Festlandmäch­ten abhängt.

Ich bin überzeugt, daß die Russen auch instinktiv verspüren, daß ihre Si­cherheit und ihre Zukunft nur mit uns Deutschen gewährleistet sein kann. Die Wesenheit des russischen Volkes und die Wesenheit des deutschen Volkes haben im seelischen Bereich Übereinstimmun­gen, die rational gar nicht so leicht nach­zuvollziehen sind. Auf jeden Fall ist bei allen Unterschieden zwischen den bei­den Völkern eine gewisse gegenseitige Sympathie, die die bloße Anerkennung übersteigt, da. [...]

Das russische Volk wird zu einem fruchtbaren Boden für unsere Idee wer­den, wenn es die Aufrichtigkeit unseres Strebens für ein Europa der freien Völ­ker erkennt. Wenn es uns gelingt, inner­halb unseres Volksraumes psychologisch eine Annäherung an Rußland vorzube­reiten, dann wird man auch von der rus­sischen Seite auf uns zukommen. Auch und gerade, wenn wir als nationale Kräf­te in Deutschland immer noch in einer machtpolitischen Nullposition sind.“

In diesem Sinne grüße ich alle Menschen in Russland, deren Herzen für ein friedliches Europa schlagen.

Roland Wuttke (Vorsitzender der Deutsch-russischen Friedensinitiative europäischen Geistes)

This year marks 95 years since the beginning of the Tambov uprising of Russian peasants against Communist tyranny. This revolt became a natural reaction of the population of the Central Black Earth region of Russia for the economic policies of the communist regime, which led to the impoverishment of the peasantry and mass starvation. Despite the fatal flaw of weapons and the absence of the majority of men of any military training, the rebel army under the command of a Russian patriot Alexander Antonov throughout the year constrained the onslaught of the numerically superior enemy forces. Hungry and barefoot, but encouraged by the desire for a genuinely democratic Russian government, the rebels have repeatedly won victories over the superior punitive detachments. In order to assess the scale of the military operations in the former of the Tambov province, enough to say that by the summer of 1921 the number of Soviet troops in the uprising exceeded 100 thousand soldiers who had armed with artillery, armored vehicles, aircraft and chemical weapons prohibited by the Hague Convention of 1899. At the same time, the number of rebel troops at the peak of the uprising reached figure of 50 thousand, with armed rebels sometimes met braids and peaks (modern weapons had to get in a fight).

I want to reflect on who and how to manages the modern world (us with you), and it is going to do, as always, with the rationale and without punditry, for which, as a rule, hides or lack of thought or elementary desire to confuse and instill the wrong idea about the subject.

The truth about extradition to slaughter more than two million Russian (including fighting the godless Soviet Union and their families) to Stalin by Western allies in accordance with the Yalta secret agreements, became widely known to British public only in 1978, after the first edition of the book «Victims of Yalta» , whose author was a Russian immigrant and a British politician Count N.D. Tolstoy. Then the first exposures of the offense by the UK government in 1945 became a sensation. The British were shocked by the brutality of their authorities who have committed violent «repatriation» of the Russian people who were waiting for the concentration camps and death by torture. Called questions in the book were put for discussion in Parliament. Minister of Foreign Affairs was invited to hold a public investigation of the case.

London proponents of the Baltic Vanguard Russian Resistance (BARS.) announced the opening of Russian club MMA «BARS». The preparation of young men carries a candidate for master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling. Trainings are held three times a week in Russian. The club is open to all comers.

Over the past few years between the politics of the Russian Federation and some right-wing parties of the European Union established close and trusting relationship. A whole series of different «conservative» and radical forces in the search for financial and political support turned their attention aside the red Moscow in the hope of finding a strong ally. From the French «National Front» to the American racists, shareware right of the world lined up to get their «piece of cake» in exchange for political loyalty and willingness to play along in the global game of national-Bolsheviks of the Russian Federation.

After World War II a new great migration of peoples has completed, after which from many lands and territories were expelled the indigenous people, and in their place were brought others. A particularly heavy burden has fallen on the head of on Germany, and the German nation after their defeat, which was forced to leave forever Prussia and East Germany. The Soviet Union divided Germany of their own accord with the acquiescence of the Allies and to the great joy of the Poles. Even at the Yalta Conference, the Soviet Union indicated that Poland territories should be shift on the West after the victory with the massive expulsion of the German population from the territories transferred. Potsdam Conference in 1945 confirmed this fact, the rest of the section of the «German heritage» took place between the Polish and Soviet Bolsheviks in 1945-1956, respectively. It was then a socialist Poland, losing 77,000 square meters. km area in the region of Podlasie and Bialystok and Nadsane, received almost 2/3 of the territory of the former East Prussia. And no one would have recalled about the illegal «cabal» of the red Poland and the USSR, if modern democratic Poland, and (for some reason), Lithuania, do not periodically raised the question of the international status of a piece of land in a 1/3 of East Prussia, the Russian Federation inherited.

It is known that the main goal of our organization since its appearance is all-round assistance to the process churching Russian people inhabiting the region Koenigsberg — part of East Prussia,which was cut off from the German Empire in favor of the atheist Soviet Union in the defeat of the Germans in World War II. Joining local people to the Christian culture, the revival in the hearts of people the religious ideal of holiness and true faith in Christ the Saviour. This is the key to the political welfare of the people. In this sacred struggle for the souls of people all the members of The Baltic Vanguard of the Russian Resistance (B.A.R.S.) must be true to the teachings of the Church in life, to profess the Christian faith without hypocrisy. All that unites our association with the Teutonic Order — the spiritual and chivalric organization, which was established at the end of the XII century, whose task is the protection of the German knights, treatment of patients, the struggle against the enemies of the Roman Church. But there is an important difference to our organization by The Teutonic Order. The most important of these differences — our belonging to the Holy Orthodox Church, which is expressed in the inviolability of dogmas approved by the Seven Ecumenical Councils and the confession in the initial integrity of Christian teachings as it professed by the Apostles and the Holy Fathers before the Great Schism in 1054.